Did you ever wonder where the greenest place in Istanbul is? If yes, this Hiking Trip is just for you!! We are going to visit the Belgrad Forest on the 30th of March at 13:00
Belgrad Forest is a mixed deciduous forest lying adjacent to Istanbul, Turkey. It is named after the thousands of Serbs who were deported from the city of Belgrade in 1521 when it fell to the Ottomans.

In the Forest you will see thousands of different trees! There are also amazing Lakes from which you will not take off your eyes. Come with us and get mesmerised once again by the beauty of Istanbul!! We hear you asking “Okay, but how do we get there?” Just get off at the Hacıosman metro station and get on to 42HM then you will need to get off the station called “Bahçeköy Durağı” and walk for 100m to the gate. We will be waiting for you there!! Please bring some water with you, you will need to stay hydrated during the hike! 
Make it shine where the blue of the waters meet the green of the trees!!

30/03/2019 - 13:00
Meeting Point: 
Bahçeköy Merkez Mahallesi, 34473 Sarıyer/İstanbul
  • Everyone is invited.